Monstera Studio is a private project.
Monstera is a residential home that balances a space for creative outlet and healthy living for the resident and the environment around it.
The name "Monstera" comes from the plant Monstera Deliciosa. A plant that sheds holes in itself to make way for light for the plants beneath it. This paved way to the purpose behind Monstera Studio and its structure.
The home is adapted to the land and ground levels surrounding it. And the resident has a free space to freely create to share with others; just what the world needs.
Monstera's structure and walls are earth rammed. Whilst the structure is designed to merge with its surrounding land, the roof serves as an area of rich soil to farm and cultivate organic and nutritious vegetables and fruits; a necessary part of a persons lifestyle and time commitment.
I don't think it's enough to have a limited space dedicated to making "art". The floor plan is divided using the nature of the golden ratio where the creative space embodies over 40% of the home.
Below shows a digital model to better understand the flow between the spaces and to realize the convenience and functionality of the home.