Toulane's rebranding and packaging was completed in 2019 with the focus on elevating the brand identity to be penetrable into international markets whilst withholding a glimpse of it's original traditional identity.
Toulane is local grown natural skincare brand in the United Arab Emirates. Toulane combines medical and beauty. Formulas are created for enhancing natural beauty whilst treating minor skin conditions such as skin redness, irritation, acne scars and dryness.
Toulane's brand colours were sourced from an olive tree  sources each of their ingredients from their best natural environment and climate around the world and delivers them into their delicately curated products.
Toulane's rebranding also included the designing of their PR & Marketing and customer delivery packages; by taking elements of the brands logo and constructing a complimentary pattern that embodies nature, as well as creating icons and social media content for their website and instagram feed graphically portraying the benefits of their responsibly sourced ingredients and recommended skincare routines. 
All products are 100% natural, cruelty free, chemical free, vegan, paraben free, sulphate free and gluten free.
Toulane continues to expand their range of natural products as their customer satisfaction and testimonials continue to soar.